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Blogasm – LazyGeek

March 1, 2006 5 comments

By Lazy Geek 

blogasm (noun) – having a orgasm or comparable sensation when blogging.

கும்புடறனுங்கோ!! இன்னாட இவன் எஸ்.ஜே சூர்யா படம் மாதிரி, டைட்டில்ல கூட சீன் போடறான்னு யோசிக்காம மேல இங்கிலிபீஷ்ல படிங்க. பை தி வே, பாலிவுட் சூப்பர்ஸ்டார்ஸ் கணக்கா பர்ஸ்ட்டு லைனு மட்டும் தமிழ்ல எழுதிட்டு, மேல தமிலிங்கீஷ்ல எழுதலாம்னு இருக்கேன். இன்ஃபாக்ட், தமிழ்ல எழுத முடியாம போனதுக்கு வெக்கப்படறேன், வேதனைப்படறேன், துக்கப்படறேன், துயரப்படறேன்…


Basically I was one of the first set of tamil bloggers. (Phuprrrrrrrrrr!!) And I have the guts to say that lie. I’ve been thinking to start a tamil blog since Aug 2002. I nearly started it. I can read and write tamil very well. Very well that I wouldn’t make a spell or a grammatical mistake like what I usually do in the lazygeek blog. Owe it to my extremely slow tamil typing, I stuck to englipish blogging. Still, I have a domain booked for my tamil blog, Kirukkal and I hope some day I would actively start writing in it, though I am not sure if it may be classified as blogging.

I don’t know if the Tamil Blogosphere know me but I know Tamil Blogosphere very well that I can roughly give a chronology of tamil blogosphere’s growth. TB[Tamil blogosphere not Tuberclosis] grew, Naaloru Maeni Pozhudoru Vannam. Though I wasn’t keeping track of it for more than a year, I probably knew the tamil blogosphere since its baby steps. Mathy was the first tamil blogger I ever knew. I was a big-time follower of the Vallaipoo and the weekly star writer stuff that was happening there. There was no bloglines or google reader like these days, but I followed the tamil blogs regularly for the kind of variety they offered. Recently I’ve been tracking most of tamil blogosphere for the last 6-7 months and I’ve to say I’m terribly upset. Upset that such rich writing hasn’t seen a widespread acclaim. Leave alone the acclaim, its not even noticed. Thats one reason, I just felt so elated at the inception of Gilli. Bala and Icarus Prakash are two of my favorite tamil bloggers. When I knew that Badri also joined the Gilli game, I was sure Gilli was going to be the nicest thing happened until now to the Tamil Blogosphere.

I am unsure if this assumption is a fact, but tamil blogosphere is probably the biggest regional blogospheres. And that should have given way to more wide spread notice. It hasn’t happened yet in my opinion. Various reasons.

Link love sucks with tamil blogosphere. Its a generally accepted rule that every blog has blogroll which rolls their favorite blogs and one links to another blog if its the source for an information. Even if not for the above two reasons, one would link to another blog if there is an amusing story there. Before Gilli, such efforts never happened on a big level. As the say, the blogosphere is one big conversation. To continue a conversation, one blogger has to link to another one and so on. But in Tamil Blogosphere, for some reason, many blogs seems like an essay writing ground where links are avoided and the conversation gets cut. The mantra has to be link, link and link.

Why is Dondu such a talked about name in Tamil Blogosphere. Why is there a duplicate of Dondu who keeps dropping comments at various blogs in his name ? Why is one’s religion and caste tied to his blog ? And why should Kusumbam waste his time in unleashing an anon’s IP address. BTW, I don’t agree to Kusumban when he calls Boston Bala as Kumuthanaar. I don’t think he writes trash like Kumudam.

Finally, Tamil Blogosphere like Indian Cinema is only awarded a single foreign language award and isn’t allowed to compete fully at Indibloggies. Whoever is on the panel next time, should ensure this happens. I was around this time but never did anything for it.

I truly think Gilli as the next step for Tamil Blogosphere. With so many good writers like Urpudathathu Narain, Ravi Srinivas, Badri, Desikan, Roza Vasanth (his post calling other other bloggers as sambhar vadai samosas was in bad taste), Mugamoodi (he is now on the celebrated bloggers list and is struggling hard to move further as seen from his two liner for valentines day), Venkat, the ever entertaining dubukku, the kalaasal Icarus(whats 1972 US after icarus), Sannasi and so many more bloggers, tamil blogosphere is here to stay. Even if the wide spread acclaim, as mentioned before, doesn’t come in near future, Tamil Blogosphere will become a reader’s paradise and a place where growing tamil writers grow. By such time, the geeks of the english blog world who churn out stupid tamil movie reviews would be thrown out, their audience being instrumental rushing them out of the blog scene. Keep Bloggin !!


P.S – டைட்டிலுக்கும் உள்ளார இருக்கற மேட்டருக்கும் சம்பந்தமே இல்லேன்னு நெனச்சீங்கன்னா…. ஒரு ப்ளாக் வார்த்தைய உங்களுக்கு அறிமுகம் செஞ்ச சந்தோசம்தான் எனக்கு. வர்ட்டா!!


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