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Science Education in India*****

அறிவியல் கல்வி மீதான அலட்சியம் குறித்தும், கல்விக்கூடங்களின் ஆராய்ச்சி சாலைகள் குறித்தும், சிந்தனையைத் தூண்டும் அருமையான பதிவு…

In India, undergraduate research is virtually non-existent. Already irritated scientists and faculty members have their hands full with their PhD. students, and the last thing they want is an undergraduate meddling in their lab. But this attitude has fostered a complete lack of appreciation of scientific research in science undergraduates, many of whom are not motivated in the first place

I keep getting appalled by the immense peer and parental pressure that students in school and college face in India, to get into the rat race and get admitted into a professional course. The lack of respect for science, the humanities, and the arts is depressing to say the least and it eventually can forestall the maturation and intellectual development of any state or civilization.

It's interesting that in India, every effort to master science and mathematics is made by the young school student, and his parents and teachers are generously encouraging in making him do this. Yet, these subjects are always seen as conduits to a professional career, and never as careers in themselves. Every parent teaches their protege about Newton, Pythagoras, and Darwin, and yet most of them don't want their child to choose a path that would enable him or her to become one of these people.

அஷ¤தோஷ் ஜொக்லேகர் குரலில் ஒலிக்கும் நிஜமான அக்கறையும் ஆதங்கமும் புரிகிறதா?

( gaurav வழியாக )

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