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பரிட்சையில் ஹை-டெக் காப்பியடித்தல்

காப்பியடிக்க என்னவெல்லாம் செய்யமுடியும்?
From Nanopolitan 

…[The] accused doctors had scanned the entire question paper with the help of DocuPens.

Though the device is small enough to be easily smuggled in, it is also powerful enough to scan a full page in just four seconds, making it ideal for the task.

The accused then transferred the scanned data to their mobile phones using Bluetooth technology, and sent out the paper to their ‘contacts’ through multimedia messaging.

The contacts, sitting in Pondicherry and Madurai, immediately solved the questions and sent the answers to candidates taking the exam at the Chennai and Delhi centres through SMS.

நெசமாவே இந்தியா ஒளிரோ ஒளிரோன்னுதான் ஒளிருது 🙂 

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