An interview with Azim Premji

knowledge@wharton க்கு விப்ரோவின் தலைவர் அசிம் ப்ரேம்ஜி அளித்த நேர்காணல்.

 If you look at business schools in India such as the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) or the Indian School of Business, companies like Wipro, Infosys or TCS are not attracting the top talent from those institutions. The employers of choice for those students seem to be the investment banks and consulting companies. This poses two kinds of challenges for you. First, how do you attract the top talent from campuses? And second, how do you get lots of really sharp people for your middle- and upper-middle management? I would really like to hear your perspective on this.

Premji: For one thing, we have spread our recruitment net wider than the top five business schools in India; we now hire people from the top 25 management institutes. We have MBAs whom we have recruited from these institutes, and they rank very close in quality to people we hire from the IIMs. We have to be careful to focus on the top half or top 33% of the class, because then the students tend to be very bright. Our experience with these students has been extremely good. Many investment banks and multinational companies that recruit in India, paying students multinational salaries and offering overseas jobs, are not present at these institutes. Our competition here typically tends to be companies hiring for domestic jobs and non-investment banks. That has made these institutes a strong source for recruiting management talent

முழுவதும் படிக்க

[ அருண் நடராஜன் வழியாக]

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