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Top stories for the week of April 10 – April 14, 2006

Kaboom! TV has finally exploded. At the end of this month, Disney’s ABC will begin bypassing cable and satellite TV and start streaming episodes of Lost, Desperate Housewives and other hit shows straight from its website for free (via Lost Remote). If other media — newspapers, magazines, and even online  companies — don’t watch out, they may lose the broadband internet to TV companies blogs BuzzMachine. Advertisers have always been more comfortable spending big money on TV. Now they can continue to spend their money with those familiar players and get broadband, too. This is big, big, big says A VC and means they get the future of media. Disney is leading the pack writes Business2Blog. Disney chief Robert Iger is trying to avoid the record industry’s mistakes, says Techdirt, which means other entertainment execs will start ganging up on him instead of recognizing where they too need to go.

In Web 2.0 news, Google Calendar is live and it’s fast, slick and stable. One more step towards Google Office says Read/Write Web. Also launching: Microsoft Live Academic which lets anyone search through academic journals in computer science, electrical engineering and physics. Google voice search may also be coming soon. TechCrunch compares sites that sell music and how they stack up. The winner? Not iTunes. If you’re looking for a directory of all the newest Web 2.0 companies in one place check out O’Reilly Radar. And tax collectors warn you’d better fess up to  what taxes you owe on Internet shopping—or else, reports Cnet News.com.

In politics, some interesting characters are showing up at the demonstrations against cracking down on immigration including America-bashing Muslim activists says Michelle Malkin. Just a another paranoid fantasy of an invasion from the south says MyDD. But the story that really got bloggers going was when Cheney took his 18% approval rating for a ride, throwing the first pitch at the Washington Nationals’ home opener and was booed loudly writes Wonkette. It sounded like a riot was about to break out, says Daily Kos. Instapundit watched the video, didn’t notice any loud boos, and says the AP has a history of reporting booing that doesn’t show up in the recordings.

Vanity Fair Finally, this week’s entertainment roundup: Gwyneth Paltrow had boy, another unfortunately named celebrity baby, says Gawker. Vanity FairGwyneth goes all-green with an issue featuring Al Gore warning that the worst catastrophe of human civilization is bearing down on us (via Ted Blog). Angelina Jolie decides to have her baby in Africa blogs popbytes. And the tabloids report Tom Cruise commissioned an adult-size pacifier for Katie Holmes to help her stay quiet while giving birth. No comment.

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