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Top stories for the week of April 24 – April 28, 2006

End of an era. Scott McNealy resigned from Sun after 22 years. Channel 9 assumes this means Sun employees can finally dump Star Office for Microsoft Office. Sun’s stock jumped 9 percent after hours. McNealy’s unconventional successor Jonathan Schwartz wears a ponytail, but we’ll see how long Mr. Conventionally Unconventional lasts  when he has to give what the Sun board wants: some good old-fashioned lay-offs, says Valleywag. Never mind that, writes Fast Company: Sun’s powers-that-be couldn’t have picked a better successor. Still, Schwartz better brush up on his anti-Microsoft gags right quick: He’s now the biggest-time American executive with a blog, writes Know It All. (See Schwartz’s Weblog—and his “How I Met Scott” entry—here.)

In Web 2.0 news, eBay’s buyer-seller feedback rating is the core of its trust system, and it’s so useful that Rapleaf is creating an eBay-style system to let users provide others with feedback on anyone else. EBay also previewed its new Express set-price site, which puts it on a collision course with Web retailers like Amazon.com—at the same time that it approached Yahoo and Microsoft about teaming up to fight Google (via WSJ).

 Tech Crunch covers this week’s beta launch of Yahoo Go, a Microsoft Media and Tivo competitor. Best of all, says Engadget, it’s free. Took just eight days for Yahoo to quietly re-brand Meedio, blogs Om Malik. And Skype may be gearing up to compete with iTunes; the VoIP giant inked a deal with EMI Music Publishing for worldwide rights to its artists’ songs (via Gizmodo).

Meanwhile, Teleread hopes massively parallel proofreading is the next Web 2.0 thing: Over 38,000 people have signed up to help proofread online and turn public-domain classics into Project Gutenberg e-books. Facebook, which is rumored to be making $1 million per week in revenue, is now allowing users from corporate networks to joing their social network. And theSnow BBC is catching Web 2.0 fever, announcing bbc.co.uk 2.0, which will be an attempt to turn BBC online into a Web 2.0 poster child complete with a public service version of MySpace.com .

In politics, Fox News analyst and good-looking Tony Snow has replaced dumpy Scott McClellan. Just window dressing, snorts Daily Dish, but Wizbang writes that at least Snow has the backbone to face off with Helen Thomas. Snow has the biggest ****ing head this side of Brit Hume, writes The Poor Man Institute , and he’s also in a rock band; Wonkette brings you his rendition of the Spongebob Squarepants song. How’d he get hired after saying “George Bush is something of an embarrassment?” asks Think Progress.

BrangelinaThere’s real, non-spokesman news out there too: Global Guerrillas thinks war—or at least a bombing campaign—against Iran is now avoidable, and Tony Snow’s former Fox colleagues report that Karl Rove has been tapped for a fifth grand jury appearance in Plamegate. But back to Fox, where everyone is distracted, blogs Huffington Post: With Tony Snow as the new spokesman, will it be long before Fox business analyst Neil Cavuto replaces Treasury Secretary John Snow?

In entertainment news, Brangelina are reportedly set to have a boy and have decided to name him, that’s right, Africa blogs The Bosh. Jolie also tops People’s most beautiful list for 2006. Get ready for yet another excruciating baby countdown: Britney Spears is pregnant again says IDontLikeYouInThatWay. And still more Tom Cruise weirdness this week: The star interrupted his publicity duties in Rome to climb a nearby car, pound his chest, and announce to fans, “I am the craziest man in the world!” As he spoke, Cruise was inexplicably bathed in a an etheral, greenish glow says Defamer.

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