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Trade Publications (Image  top)

Absolute Write: www.absolutewrite.com (online publication lists industry articles, agent listings, links, competitions, and message boards)

Authorlink: www.authorlink.com (online publication lists industry articles and agents)

Bigscreenbiz.com: www.bigscreenbiz.com (online publication lists links and directories 

Creative Screenwriting: www.creativescreenwriting.com (industry articles, links, and contest information)

Done Deal: www.scriptsales.com (online publication: resource for screenplay, pitch, treatment, and book sales in the film industry; agency, attorney, and production company listings, industry articles; and contests)

Exposure: www.exposure.co.uk  (online resource for low-budget independent filmmaking)

Fade In magazine: www.fadeinmag.com (lists script competitions, industry articles, and links)

Film Comment magazine: www.filmlinc.com (this is the Film Society of Lincoln Center’s Web site: click on Film Comment icon; industry articles)

Film Threat: www.filmthreat.com (industry articles)

Filmmaker Magazine: www.filmmakermagazine.com (industry articles; lists script competitions, events, and resources)

Filmmaking.net: www.filmmaking.net (online publication lists links, message boards, and industry articles)

FilmStew.com: www.filmstew.com  (online publication: industry articles, resources, and subscription film tracking service)

HollywoodLitSales.com: www.hollywoodlitsales.com (online publication: industry articles, resources, links, contests, and message boards)

The Hollywood Reporter: www.hollywoodreporter.com (industry articles)

Hollywood Scriptwriter: www.hollywoodscriptwriter.com (industry articles)

The Independent: www.aivf.org (this is the Association of Video and Filmmakers’ Web site: click on The Independent icon; lists competitions, seminars, resources and opportunities, links, and industry articles)

IndieClub.com: www.indieclub.com (online publication lists film festivals, networking, and industry articles)

Indiefilmpage: www.indiefilmpage.com (online publication lists film festivals, networking, and industry articles)

indieWIRE: www.indiewire.com (online publication: industry articles)

Inside Film Magazine Online: www.insidefilm.com (lists conferences, script competitions, and industry articles)

Movie Magazine International: www.shoestring.org (this is the Shoestring Radio Theater’s Web site: click on Movie Magazine International icon; radio program archives: interviews with talent, and more)

Moviebytes: www.moviebytes.com (online publication lists screenwriting competitions, contest report cards, resources, links, industry articles, and a subscription service: Who’s Buying What)

MovieMaker Magazine: www.moviemaker.com (available online and on newsstands: industry articles, links, jobs, and festivals)

NewEnglandFilm.com: www.newenglandfilm.com (online publication lists screenplay competitions, resources, events, links, and industry articles)

Premiere Magazine: www.premieremag.com (industry articles)

Screentalk: www.screentalk.biz (online international screenwriting publication: industry articles, resources, and published scripts)

Screenwriter Magazine: www.screenwritermag.com (lists agents and companies seeking material, screenplay competitions, conferences, seminars, links, and industry articles)

Screenwriters Online Insider Report: www.screenwriter.com (this is the Screenwriters Online’s Web site: click on Insider Report icon; industry articles, links and resources)

Screenwriter’s Utopia: www.screenwritersutopia.com (online screenwriting magazine lists competitions, seminars, and industry articles)

Scr(i)pt Magazine: www.scriptmag.com (industry articles, links, screenwriting contests, and resources)

Shooting People: www.shootingpeople.org (online U.K and N.Y. publication: industry articles, networking, links, and resources)

UGO Screenwriter’s Voice: www.screenwriting.ugo.com (online screenwriting publication lists competitions, seminars, links, and industry articles)

Underground Online: www.ugo.com (online publication lists resources, contests, and industry articles)

Variety: www.variety.com (daily, weekly, and online version: (industry articles)

When Teens Write: www.teenwriters.net (online publication lists industry articles and resources)

Wordplay: www.wordplayer.com (online screenwriting publication: industry articles)

Writer’s Digest: www.writersdigest.com (lists script competitions, seminars, industry articles, and links)

Written By: www.wga.org/writtenby/writtenby.aspx  (monthly publication of the WGA West: industry articles)

Organizations (Image  top)

Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences: (Beverly Hills) www.oscars.org (sponsors the Academy Awards, educational programs, seminars, and Nicholl fellowships)

Academy of Television Arts & Sciences: (North Hollywood) www.emmys.org (education programs)

American Film Institute: (Los Angeles) www.afi.com  (school and seminars 

American Screenwriters Association: (Cincinnati-based) www.asascreenwriters.com (nationwide chapters and affiliates: newsletter, conferences, resources, and competitions) 

Association of Independent Video and Filmmakers: (New York City-based) www.aivf.org (workshops, publications, resources, facilities, and regional salons) 

Cinestory: (Chicago-based) www.cinestory.com (sponsors Cinestory Screenwriting Awards, workshops, and seminars) 

Directors Guild of America East and Directors Guild of America West: (New York City and Los Angeles) www.dga.org (publishes DGA Magazine: industry articles and online membership directory) 

Dramatists Guild of America: (New York City-based) www.dramaguild.com (seminars) 

Film Arts Foundation: (New York City-based) www.filmarts.org (seminars, screenings, and resources for independent filmmakers) 

Film Independent: (Los Angeles-based) www.filmindependent.org (produces the Independent Spirit Awards and the Los Angeles Film Festival; seminars, screenings, producer series, Filmmaker Labs, cameras and casting rooms rentals, resource library with sample budgets and business plans, and other resources)  

Filmmakers Collaborative: (New York City-based) www.filmmakers.org (facilities for independent filmmakers, seminars, and resources) 

Film/Video Arts: (New York City-based): www.fva.com (equipment rental, seminars, and workshops) 

The Foundation Center: (locations in New York City, Atlanta, Cleveland, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C.) www.fdncenter.org (resource center and online information for grants and workshops) 

Grub Street: (Boston-based) www.grubstreet.org (seminars and workshops) 

Independent Feature Project: (New York City-based) Web site: www.ifp.org (sponsors the Independent Feature Film Market, seminars, screenings, and other resources; check their Web site for additional nationwide chapters)  

New York Women in Film and Television: (New York City-based) www.nywift.org (seminars and screenings)  

Northwest Screenwriters Guild: (Seattle-based) www.nwsg.org (workshops, readings, and events)

The Organization of Black Screenwriters, Inc.: (Los Angeles-based) Web site: www.obswriter.com (script competitions, script development, agent outreach, and events) 

Producers Guild of America: (Los Angeles-based) www.producersguild.org. (resources and seminars)

Screen Actors Guild: (offices in New York City and Los Angeles) www.sag.org. (resources and links)  

The Sundance Institute: (Beverly Hills office) www.sundance.org (sponsors Sundance Film Festival, writers fellowship program, and events) 

U.S. Copyright Office: (Washington, D.C.-based) www.copyright.gov  (for application forms) 

Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts: (nationwide locations) Web site: www.vlany.org (assists artists in need, and seminars)

 Women in Film: (Hollywood-based; nationwide and international chapters) www.wif.org (seminars and screenings)

Women in Film & Video/New England: (Boston-based) www.wifvne.org  (seminars and screenings)  

Writers Guild of America, East: (New York City-based) www.wgaeast.org (writers’ union, script registration, resources, seminars, links, and more)  

Writers Guild of America, West: (Los Angeles-based) www.wga.org (writers’ union, script registration, resources, seminars, links, and more. This site also provides extensive resources for researching information about your script, including Ask the Experts: organizations that provide free research information such as government departments, medical authorities, psychological references, and religious information.

Writers Guild of Canada (WGC): www.writersguildofcanada.com (script registration, links, resources, and more)

Marketing Guidess (Image  top)

The following publications can be purchased through the Web sites listed below.

The Hollywood Creative Directory: www.hcdonline.com (lists studios, networks, production companies, and executives with phone, fax, addresses, selected produced credits, staff and titles)

The Hollywood Representation Directory: www.hcdonline.com (lists agents and managers nationwide)

Blu-Book Film Production Directory: www.hcdonline.com (lists contact information for TV, commercials and music video production)

Where to Buy Published Screenplays  (Image  top)

Look under “Screenplays” on the Internet and you will find links to assist you in your search.  Also, major bookstores carry published scripts.

Hollywood Book City: www.hollywoodbookcity.com (also lists additional store locations)

Script City: www.scriptcity.net

The Script Shack: www.scriptshack.com

Writers Store: www.writersstore.com (also free biweekly e-zine featuring articles and writing tips)

Where to Download Free Pulished Screenplays  (Image  top)

The Daily Script: www.dailyscript.com

Drew’s Script-O-Rama: www.script-o-rama.com

iScriptdb: www.iscriptdb.com

ScriptCrawler: www.scriptcrawler.net

Simply Scripts: www.simplyscripts.com

Twiz TV.Com: www.twiztv.com/scripts

UGO: www.movie-page.com/movie_scripts.htm

Additional Resources (Image  top)

Contact your state arts council and local film commissions for grants and other opportunities.

filmtracker.com: www.filmtracker.com (database of films in development)

IMDbPro.com: www.imdbpro.com (representation listings, company directory, and production charts)

IndieFilms: www.indiefilms.com (Hollywood-based network that helps independent filmmakers find investors, grants, funds, and distributors for their features, shorts, and documentaries)

The Internet Movie Database: www.imdb.com (online publication: information on thousands of films, biographies of actors, and directors)

Mandy’s Film and TV Production Directory: www.mandy.com (online resource and directory)

MoviePartners.com:: www.moviepartners.com (resources, industry links, and online directory of talent and who represents them) 

whoRepresents.comwww.whorepresents.com (online directory of talent and who represents them)

If you live in Canada, visit The Canadian Authors Association for helpful links at: www.canauthors.org/pubs.html.

If you live in the United Kingdom and are researching agents and other helpful links, visit: www.author-network.com/agents.html.

If you live in Australia or New Zealand and are researching agents and other helpful links, visit: home.vicnet.net.au/~ozlit/agents.html.

If you live outside of the United States, the International Affiliation of Writers Guilds (IAWG) an international body representing guilds of professional screenwriters has guilds in the countries listed below. 

Australian Writers’ Guild: www.awg.com.au

Irish Playwrights and Screenwriters’ Guild: www.script.ie

New Zealand Writers Guild: www.nzwritersguild.org.nz

Société des auteurs de radio, télévision et cinéma (SARTEC): www.sartec.qc.ca (French-language Canada)

Writers Guild of Great Britain: www.writersguild.org.uk

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