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YouTube Envy; E3 RIP; Mel-o-drama

Everyone’s got YouTube envy: Weatherbug Video launched as YouTube for weather, while Singshot is YouTube for karaoke (both via Mashable!). And now Time Warner’s CNN division wants to be YouTube for news with CNN Exchange. Anyone can upload photo, video, audio or written “I-Reports” into CNN’s mix (via business2blog). CNN wants material as compelling as on MySpace Video and Google Video, but will try to control the whole experience, blogs Mashable! This will make the cluster&^* of citizen journalism even worse and just put even more crap on CNN’s site, writes Gawker. And all this happens on a video anniversary this week: that’s right, MTV turned 25.

YouTube is now more popular than MySpace, or is that fuzzy reporting? chimes in Om Malik. Users aren’t making money from their content’s popularity on YouTube which is what makes Revver interesting, since it shares half the ad revenue for videos like exploding Diet Coke and Mentos with its creators (via Publishing 2.0). There’s more video out there than anyone thought, says Kottke, and rounds up all the places you can watch video on the Web.

Meanwhile, AOL is making a lot of services free-but it will start charging $1.99 for video downloads reports TechCrunch. With all these projects, Time Warner’s looking a lot like Frankenstein, with a patchwork of projects and investments in Brightcove, Truveo, Veoh, Revver-the list goes on. How many years since the AOL merger, and Time Warner still can’t unify or leverage its brands? (via Techdirt). Elsewhere in tech, the giant entertainment and gaming show E3 is dead (or at least seriously fragged) and Next Generation gives 10 reasons why. Smaller conferences like BlogHer are going strong, although /Message cringed at Dave Winer’s posts about female attractiveness on Day One. Scobleizer also talked about female  stereotypes-and how they give women immense economic power.

Word of the week: Wikiality. Metafilter calls it “the reality that the majority of people agree on” while Channel 9 calls it a state of altered reality that creates doubt where none existed before. Thanks, Stephen Colbert, for being the elephant in Wikipedia’s room, writes Gothamist, and taking the whole site down (via Techdirt).

 In political theater, Cuban leader Fidel Castro turned over power to his 75-year-old brother, Raul, because of surgery for intestinal bleeding. The official statement is that he’s fine but details are scant, leading Riehl World View to wonder whether he’s dead. Just like a Communist regime to make the details of Castro’s health a state secret, blogs National Review; break out the mojitos!

 Meanwhile, World War III sputters along in Lebanon. Yahoo News reported Hezbollah’s record 160 rocket launches into Israel and-oops!-the West Bank on Wednesday, while Israelis commandos pounded Lebanon. Neither side’s listening to the Pope’s pleas for peace or anyone else’s, for that matter. No one asks Hezbollah to show restraint in a world where everyone is Mel Gibson, writes Bill Maher at Huffington Post.

 Speaking of Mel, he’s got problems. For one thing, his hair is thinning as you can see in the photos taken a few hours before his arrest for DUI in Malibu says PerezHilton.com. Then there’s his lecture to arresting officers about how “the Jews” are responsible for all the wars in the world (via Andrew Sullivan). TMZ.COM first broke the story and posted Gibson’s anti-semitic comments (Gibson has since apologized). Gibson’s publicist is trying to sell the idea that Mel is fighting for his actual life-against a death wish inspired by alcoholism-rather than his professional life-against stupidity. Things are really bad when even Michael Jackson’s publicist says you’re screwed, says Defamer.

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