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Clinton Smackdown; Techmeme Brilliance; Woz Confesses

Smackdown! Bloggers went wild this week as President Clinton barked back at Fox’s Chris Wallace over pre-9/11 efforts against Al-Qaeda and the results made the rounds on YouTube. YouTube’s about bursts of emotion, not ideological saturation, blogs the Times’ Screens blog, while BuzzMachine says Fox lost future viewers by taking the interview clip down, particularly since Clinton’s appearance generated the best ratings in three years (via Variety.com). Despite Clinton’s protests, the CIA’s Michael Scheuer says Clinton flubbed several opportunities to take out bin Laden blogs Knowledge Is Power and TownHall writes that Clinton’s rage might have just been calculated to motivate the Democratic base.

Plenty of bloggers also went crazy over Techmeme’s brilliantly simple sponsorship model, which is another nail in ad agencies’ coffin: Advertisers like Socialtext simply write a new blog post-slash-ad and it’s automatically uploaded to Techmeme’s page. It’s the first viable form of social advertising, says /Message, and the price is reasonable too. Wizbang Tech blogs that readers will trust Techmeme’s recommendation model of advertising. Digital Inspiration thinks Techmeme’s ad structure is good enough to get Gabe Rivera an invite to Federated Media.

 In other tech-blog news, Digg’s founders soaked up a million in VC for Revision3, an Internet video production house aimed at mobile phone/podcasting demand (via VentureBeat). Programs like DiggNation are already pulling in $100,000 a month with no ad team, writes Mashable!, and $1 million will help Revision3 hire a team and rent an office. Meanwhile Scobleizer has a new online show writes business2blog and BoingBoing has a weekly podcast featuring a blogger roundtable (via Bloggers Blog).

Dozens of new products made their debut at the ultra-exclusive tech conference Demo 2006 this week. Read/Write Web likes MojoPac which allows Windows users to save their entire PC onto a USB or iPod and BuzzLogic for tracking social influence on the Web – and is liveblogging the whole event. Also this week, Jajah announced its killer product for seamless phone-to-phone VoIP, and TechCrunch says it solves problems that have plagued mobile VoIP services. Only Symbian and Java-enabled phones can use it right now, writes OhGizmo!, although more are on the way. ZDNet Blog discounts threats to existing cells or VoIP, since cell users are already locked into plans and won’t have anyone they can talk to.

People talk at Google because the founders built it that way, writes Google Blogoscoped;  even telling Larry Page you just lost several million company dollars is a good thing in Mountain View. If you earn considerably more than several million a year, you might have made the Forbes 400 list-that means you, Larry-and Paul Kedrosky writes that these gazillionaires are distributed remarkably evenly across the U.S. If they ever need to talk with one another, Microsoft is ready with its Wallop social-networking spinoff It’s got big advantages (excellent network visualization, great mods) and disadvantages (Flash-based, and how do you permalink?). Think of it as a combination of MySpace and Second Life, reports Red Herring: a social network where you pay for bling.

 Problems paying for things may make eBay pull out of China, because of competitive pressure from China’s Taobao and pending regulation of online payment systems like PayPal. VentureBeat thinks that this would be a major defeat for Silicon Valley companies, given that Google is already getting trounced by Chinese competitor Baidu.

Finally, Steve Wozniak’s iWoz is in bookstores everywhere and it tells how young Steve phreaked into the Vatican phone system to try and wake the Pope at 5:30 a.m. Tragically, it’s also full of stories of Jobs and Wozniak debating who was better – Dylan or the Beatles?

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