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Rojo: Person of the Year; Best of Everything 2006

Rojo: Person of the Year; Best of Everything 2006

Top Stories For the Week of December 18 – December 22

 It’s the end of the year and time for some annointing. TIME magazine this week chose “you”-meaning YouTube users, bloggers, citizen journalists, and online social networkers-as its person of the year (via Bloggers Blog). Meaning anyone with some sort of connection to the Internet and a total cop-out, snarks Gothamist. We’re all supposed to feel flattered or intrigued, writes Gawker, but at least they didn’t choose “blogs.”

Does this mean crowdsourcing becomes the next buzzword du jour, asks Marc’s Voice? And what happened to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, writes BAGnewsNotes? Business 2.0 claims it chose “you” waayyy back in July. If TIME was gunning for Linkbaiter of the Year, they got it, says ProBlogger Blog Tips, passing out some year-end tips on getting your post noticed.

 This was also the year of Bubble 2.0. If you think there isn’t one-those exotic valuations are justified!-watch as Facebook board member Peter Thiel increases Facebook’s value from $1 billion to $8 billion with a wave of his hand. Thiel gets away with this because of Facebook’s college-age users, blogs Paul Kedrosky. Elsewhere in bubble-land, Don Dodge explains why the next bubble-burst won’t be as devastating as the last one, primarily because VCs and acquiring companies will be left holding the bag rather than stockholders-but then, 2006 IPOs have already beat 2005, so hang on.

 Big media changes were also afoot in 2006. Fresh from his Long Tail successes, Chris Anderson proposes radical transparency for media organizations, blogs The Bivings Report, including showing what they’re working on, promptly uploading raw interview transcripts, and wikifying published stories. It may be too far from traditional models, says digital digs, while Publishing 2.0 writes that fulfilling Anderson’s vision means deciding whether to serve your online readers or your print readers. Finally, Anderson wades through the hullabaloo and posts caveats and improvements at The Long Tail.

 Read/Write Web lists the top 10 Web domains of 2006 and finds they account for a higher percentage of total Internet traffic than the top 10 of 2001. Apple iPhone rumors raged all year long and are still going strong, with Unofficial Apple Weblog and Andy Beal fanning the flames. Meanwhile, GigaOM spots the real iPhone-made by Linksys. After you hang up, check out Gizmodo‘s top five “I’m a Mac” parody commercials-the 12-second Mac vs. PC vs. Halo parody is priceless. 2006 was also the year of fake blogs with the latest being a PlayStation 3 flog which Sony took down after it was found to be registered to a marketing firm (via Blog Herald).

 In year-end lists, Forbes.com captures the 10 best- and worst-selling games of the year, with bests including Madden NFL ’07, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and the surprise puzzle hit Brain Age. IFILM Featured Videos covers the year’s best viral videos, including Connie Chung’s singing, Brokeback to the Future and Michael Richards’ racist rant. Rough Type lists the top 10 searches on Google, Yahoo and AOL and, finding almost zero overlap, declares the engines to be for dweebs, horndogs and geezers, respectively. Wrong! shouts Business 2.0, demonstrating that AOL’s true top 10 searches are google, ebay, yahoo, yahoo.com, mapquest, google.com, myspace.com, myspace, www.google.com and www.yahoo.com. Sign of the times.

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