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Hello iPhone, Best of CES; Political Tiptoeing

Top Stories For the Week of January 8 – January 12

 Hello, iPhone. You’ve waited for it, longed for it, dreamed about it-now start saving for the Apple iPhone, which is an iPod, a cell and an Internet mobile communicator in one sleek device (via Read/Write Web). Apple exceeded expectations with the iPhone’s sleek design, touch screen and ability to run OS X, blogs Monkey Bites. Sure, you have to cough up $499 for the 4GB or $599 for the 8GB, but Mark Evans will happily dump his Palm, BlackBerry and iPod for a single device with great design. For one thing, the iPhone’s got just one button-everything else is on the touch screen, blogs Don Dodge. The markets were as pumped as Mac devotees, with AAPL jumping more than 3 percent during Steve Jobs’s keynote address (via Nik Cubrilovic) and 7 percent for the day-while sellers punished Research in Motion (BlackBerry) and Palm (Treo) with 6 percent hits on each (via TechCrunch).

 It’s a big risk for Jobs and Business 2.0 details some gripes-the case may scratch, Cingular’s weak cell coverage may cause even Jobs to throw his pricey paperweight at the wall, data transmission may be subpar, and 8GB isn’t exactly huge capacity for an iPod. But GigaOM captures overall reaction with a simple graphic where Apple replaces a fistful of other devices, while Gizmodo links to Apple’s gorgeous video of an iPhone making a phone call.

Cisco owns the iPhone name and Apple has been negotiating for the rights, blogs Paul Kedrosky, but in the end Apple just went ahead and used it anyway. This could end with either a signed agreement between Apple and Cisco, or big fights between their lawyers. Oh wait – Cisco just sued Apple.

 Nearly forgotten in the iPhone roar is AppleTV, which lets you transfer content from multiple PCs, outside sources or even Apple.com to your TV. It’s got a 40GB hard drive and will sell for $299, blogs VentureBeat, while Techmeme points out it follows all the right standards. Basically, PVRblog writes, Apple now owns pay-per-view in your living room. And let’s not forget the AirPort Extreme, five times faster than its predecessor with WAN, Ethernet and USB ports, and finally doesn’t look like a boob says Gizmodo.

San Francisco wasn’t the only city inundated with hype. At CES Las Vegas, Disney CEO Bob Iger introduced the new Disney.com, which will be heavy on widgets, video and personalization (via Micro Persuasion). Bill Gates introduced the Windows Home Server and why you need it-but don’t need a computer-science degree to run it, while TiVo finally announced the long-awaited TivoToGo Mac client and the incorporation of Rhapsody’s unlimited music service (via PVRblog).

 Elsewhere in the blogosphere, political candidates continue tiptoeing around the 2008 presidential race, with Rudolph Giuliani trademarking his name to protect against slander, according to Huffington Post, and acting cagey when asked his position on the president’s ���troop surge��� request (via Eschaton). On the Democratic side, Taegan Goddard sees hopefuls Obama and Clinton rushing to poach the fundraising network of Evan Bayh, who has dropped out.

U.S. forces apparently killed Fazul Abdul Mohammed, the alleged mastermind of the 1998 bombings of U.S. embassies in Africa (via Instapundit). Moral: Never tangle with an AC-130 gunship (via Power Line). But is he dead? First Draft says like Osama, Fazul is still among the living. And is the bombing right? Jawa Report blogs that spending too much time on this question kept the U.S. from killing Osama bin Laden in the 1990s.R

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