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Rojo: StreetView Celebs; iPhone Fever; Bubble Denial

Top Stories for the Week of June 4 – June 8, 2007

 Smile, you’re on StreetView! Google unleashed its highly addictive Street View feature, allowing everyone access to panoramic street-level photos of who’s lunching in Union Square or who’s passed out in Times Square (via MercuryCenter.com). Google Blogoscoped wonders when Mountain View will start inserting ads into the photos’ billboards, and proposes a note you could leave in your window to ward off Google shutterbugs. Boing Boing asks, would it be more evil if it was the CIA or NSA? Never mind that, more easter eggs!

Street View is making celebrities out of people who don’t want it, like that cat’s owner, and Mashable! raises other privacy issues – hey, Street View is perfect for casing the joint before you burglarize it! In any case, here comes David Brin’s transparent society, blogs Seeking Alpha. Inevitably, Drudge used the technology to look at Steve Jobs’s house, proving … what exactly, Matt?

No one cares about Jobs’s house; it’s his phone that’s got geeks in a lather as the iPhone’s Friday, June 29 release date approaches (via Engadget) Sure, there’s the $600 cost and the ugly, two-year service agreement, but even the teaser ads are gorgeous. 6/29 will be a light posting day says TechCrunch while Arrington & Co. get themselves some. Meanwhile, Apple’s stock is hitting all-time highs (via Blogging Stocks) and AT&T is restructuring its Edge service to accommodate expected jumps in bandwidth demand, writes The Unofficial Apple Weblog. Only Business 2.0 is the tiny voice asking whether the iPhone will ever accept third-party apps.


BuzzMachinekeeps the live-interviews vs. phone-interviews meme alive, calling for transparency to the point where interviews would be performed in public. Brad Linder adds some caveats about why reporters prefer live to e-mail, while BusinessWeek Online‘s Stephen Baker snipes that if he’s limited to communicating with machines, he might as well just bag formal reporting and blog.

Following the money, Mark Evans weighs in on the Web 2.0 “bubble,” figuring Michael Arrington’s late-night blog entry kicked the current round of doomsaying into high gear. But many tech bloggers are denying there’s any bubble to burst: Paul Kedrosky, both on his own and in the NY Times, and one of the Web’s oldest names, Marc Andreessen, who puts the pessimism down to our ancestors’ need to assume something was about to eat them.

The real bubbles are elsewhere: housing, which Big Picture sees the air leaking out of, while Paul Kedrosky scans the aging Wall Street bull and wonders about an imminent downturn. So should you pull out of the market and pay down your mortgage? Get Rich Slowly collects some expert advice.

In politics, the Lewis Libby Pardon Clock began running Tuesday, when the former vice-presidential chief of staff was sentenced to 30 months in prison for lying to the FBI. Calls for that pardon came fast and furious from National Review, Power Line and Weekly Standard, even while the latter admitted that prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald was a Bush appointee.

GOP candidates vying for the presidency debated again on Tuesday, and Captain’s Quarters thinks the audience asked better questions than Wolf Blitzer. Candidates’ answers on a Libby pardon were all over the map, blogs Suburban Guerilla, but the silence was deafening when Blitzer asked who thought gays should be allowed in the military (via Think Progress).

Finally, if you’ve cringed at the idea of sending an e-card instead of a Hallmark card, check out Gorilla Sushi‘s take on “greetings,” such as “Sorry my Web browser history scared you.” If that doesn’t make you laugh, try getting your cat to photoblog (courtesy MetaFilter).

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