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PDF Downloads: ChangeThis: Issue 80


ChangeThis: Issue 80


A Call Against Complacency by Dambisa Moyo

“Given the evidence and importance of positive incentives, why, over the past 50 years, have policymakers embarked on a systematic and deliberate strategy of putting in place a catalog of policies that dis-incentivise citizens from acting in a manner that could be beneficial to their economies, and the world at large?”


The Reinvention Imperative by Daniel Burrus & John David Mann

“In the good old twentieth century, you could reinvent your company, product category or industry once, and then go for a decade before doing anything especially innovative again. That doesn’t work anymore. The world has changed, and more importantly, change itself has changed.”


The Micropreneur Manifesto: How to Stay Solo, Bleed Passion, and Build Products that Matter by Rob Walling

“Micropreneurs are agile, inspired, independent, knowledge seekers who can’t live with the 9-to-5 status quo.

If this resonates with you, read on. This manifesto attempts to distill the key points you’ll need as you begin your micropreneur journey. I learned every one of them the hard way.”


Lizards & Leaders: How Meditation Accelerates Change by Eric Klein

“The goal is to cross your learning edge. […] To do this you have to let go of the structures, beliefs, and habits that constituted your old sense of self–without losing awareness. It takes a resilient awareness to remain at your learning edge without being overtaken by the inner lizard. ”


The Maxwell Fallacy: There’s More to Leadership than Influence by David Burkus

“John Maxwell, billed often as America’s foremost authority on leadership, has made his career around the phrase: ‘Leadership is influence; nothing more, nothing less.’ This is the key phrase has guided the writing of the most prolific leadership author in America and influences the work of countless others. As a result it is perhaps the commonly accepted definition of leadership.

It’s brief. It’s pithy. It’s wrong.”


Ending Ephebiphobia: Young People Deserve More by Sarah Newton

“The stereotypes of young people and the irrational fear we have of them have no place in modern society.

Pliny the Elder was on to something when he said, “What we do to our children, they will do to society.” If his words are to ring true, then we are in for a whole lot of trouble.”

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