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Harris Interactive Brand & Communications: RQ: Google Tops Corporate Reputation List – Company, Brands, Social marketing sentiments

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Kathaiyaa Nijamaa? Software Engineers are getting Hijacked by Americans? AN incident from WIPRO blog

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Author: rajalakshmi_swaminathan | 9 May 2011 – 17:07

Last week one of our collegue was not well and she had high fever. She wanted to leave and check the doctor.
Unfortunately none of us were able to accompany her till her home. So we decided to book a Fast- Track cab
and send her home in it. The time was around 10 o’clock in the morning.

We called fast-track and they responded by asking the location and other details
like how many people will be travelling and whether we need A/C or Non A/C cab. We responded by booking an omni
and they gave a booking number and took the mobile number of the person who will be travelling asking whether
it is lady or man.We informed them a single lady will be travelling and gave the destination as well as
boarding location.
I waited with her to help her get into the cab. After 5 to 10 minutes the cab driver informed her that he is
waiting near the gate and asked her to come. WE both went out and saw him waiting. He was smiling in a strange way
but since she was not well we didn’t give much importance to it and she noted the number and got into the cab.

I told her to call back when she reached home safely and also see the doctor. She said ok and the vehicle moved.
After sometime, the driver had asked her whether she is not well and she responded telling yes. Then he started
asking her personal questions like where she is staying whether with parents or in hostel, married or not etc.
She got a bit nervous while answering these questions.

She became a bit alert and told him that her husband is a advocate and he is near that location to meet a client
and he is following her.

He later suggested her to take rest by lying down in the cab and will wake her up in her destination. She refused
blindly stating that she never sleeps during travel and he need not worry about it.

After a short distance she saw the meter reading as 400 which is not possible for such a short distance near
sholinganallur junction near wipro office itself.

The driver then started calling another person in mobile telling him the route he was in and when they reached
Madhya Kailash, the driver stopped and another person got in the front along with him.

She asked the driver why he is taking another person for which he replied that he was on his night shift and
once he dropped her off he will leave to his home and the other driver will start his work.

Though she was nervous about the going-ons she kept silent and started messaging her husband that she is
suspicious of the activities of the cab driver and asked him to pick up near Kasi theatre. He reached that place and
waited for her. But it was taking time and she had not reached.

He then called fasttrack to enquire and they had told him the Fast Track they have sent is still in wipro office
and they have not got her. Her husband got scared and by then she has reached Kasi theatre. She asked the
cab driver to stop but till then he was going slowly started to speed up the vehicle.

As she had severe sore throat and unable to call help, with a sudden presence of mind she took her tag and pulled
the driver’s head from behind and threatened him to stop. As he didn’t expected this from her the other guy who
was with him instead of applying break has applied accelerator.

A two wheeler which was going in front of their vehicle was hit and the omni stopped. The two-wheeler driver
came to them and started slapping the driver. By then she got down immediately from the omni and went to her
husband. The culprits speed away with the vehicle on seeing the commotion.

Both the husband and wife then went to the nearest police station and gave a complaint about the driver and
came back.

Here are few questions.

1. Is fast-track reliable for ladies travelling alone.
2. The call was made with in the office premises and the correct number. Then how it has happened?
3. This is not the only incident. We are hearing similar incidents about fast track drivers calling the
lady passangers even after the pick up and drop
4. This incident has happened in broad daylight. How safe is night travel?
I’m writing this so that if this news is spread atleast the fellow wiproites are aware of what is happening
around them and follow more safety precautions during travel with in city


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